Toby Bloomberg


President Bloomberg Marketing & Co-Founder Diva Foodies

Toby is recognized for her expertise in combining digital media with traditional marketing values (strategy, consumer insights/research, and segmentation) while maintaining conversation authenticity. She believes all marketing tactics should be accountability for achieving business goals.

She is the co-founder of Diva Foodies which serves the food industry including catering companies, chefs, cookbook authors, foodpreneures,, by growing business through digital strategies. Diva Foodies hosts the popular Tweet Chat #FoodTVChat, the only Twitter chat bringing TV Chefs and audience together in digital conversations. provides insights, interviews, and innovative digital ideas.

Toby’s adventures in social media began in 2004, with the launch of her award winning blog Diva Marketing ( She has provided digital strategy direction/ execution, training and mentoring to thousands of marketers from junior level to senior leadership. Her client roster ranges from Fortune 100 brands, food industry, and small business to nonprofits, finance and government. She is the author of the innovative eBook “Social Media Marketing GPS” — 40 interviews with marketing pros conducted via Twitter. Before her entrepreneurship venture, Toby headed corporate social media for a national media company where she supported a portfolio of over 70 newspaper, TV and radio properties in using social media as a catalyst to build stronger brand-to-audience relationships.

Toby is a Yankee from Boston, living in the South learning to appreciate grits although she still favors lobster and ice cream with jimmies!



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  • Interview With Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie & Ardbeg
    Dr. Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation & Whisky Stocks at Glenmorangie & Ardbeg kindly agreed to answer a few questions from this still whisky novice. My love affair with the dark spirits began when I joined a southern gentleman in a dram. The southern gentleman is long gone but my enjoyment of whiskies and […]
  • #FoodTVChat Interview With Chef Dorian Hunter
    Chef Dorian Hunter, MasterChef Season 10 Winner ~ A Twitter Interview It was a great pleasure to have Chef Dorian Hunter guest host Diva Foodies #FoodTVChat tweet chat guest last month. Although at the time of the chat we didn’t know Chef Dorian’s life was about to change we did know that her skills and […]
  • The Ultimate Pot Luck Dish
    Recently I was honored with an invitation to join the prestigious, culinary organization –Les Dames d ‘Escoffier. I must admit I’m a little in awe to be part of this group of amazing women who welcomed me so warmly and kindly… offline and online. By the way, needless to say, the food at meetings has […]
  • A Chef’s Story: Chef Sang, Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill
    In between the condos, apartments and retail stores on Peachtree Street, in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, is restaurant where the chef is passionate about sharing his love of Vietnamese street food or as Chef Sang calls it “working class food.” I was introduced to Bun Mi Vietnamese Grill through a tweet from my pal @SashaEats. [Side note: […]
  • Q. D. Foodie Kitchen Tools Come To Life! 
    Q. D. Foodie Kitchen Tools Come To Life!  About a year ago I ‘met’ Marci Heit, founder of Q.D. Foodie, on Twitter @DivaFoodies. Yes, I said Twitter; but that’s a story for another day. Marci was in the process of a Kick Starter campaign to fund an adorable set of kitchen tools – Q. D. Foodies. […]
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