How It Works

It’s All In the Details

1.  Detail coordination with the Brand, restaurant, event organizer, inventor, retailer, party planner, you name it.

2  Is it a specialty that’s being looked for? Or, do you want every member to participate? Is there  a capped number of members allowed to participate?

3.  An invitation goes out to the group — all or a limited number — or specific niche members with detailed expectations required.

4.  Who’s R.S.V.P.’s

5.  Get that list of participants back to the “client”.




6.  Share what’s coming up — it’s social media time! There’s Facebook Twitter, and Instagram.

7.  Is my hair sticking out? Is my tie straight? Does my bag match my shoes? Should I wear a dinner jacket or a T-shirt? Flats or heels? Jewelry or no? Do I pack an extra outfit?



8.  Get everyone to the event in the right place at the right time.

9.  You’d think the paparazzi had arrived!

10. Don’t forget to check-in! We need to let all of our loyal followers know we’ve arrived and just where it is we’re at!

11. Now it’s time to get those money shots! Don’t touch that food! Wait Mr. Server, don’t move… I need that shot please! Stand right there, don’t move, just like that! Vogue! Get a shot of me standing next to that palm tree! Selfie!!

13. Share those pics and never forget to cross promote!

14. Let’s live stream!

15. What’s in this dish? What’s the weather like here? How’s the service? Do they show you everyone that walks through their door, steps off a plane, or sits down at their table is V.I.P.?

16. Don’t forget those #hashtags! Gotta trend!

17. Good night everybody, see you next time.

18. Do the pics need a little touch up? PhotoShop is our best friend. Make sure it’s the right size and don’t forget the collages and slides!

19. What is the story? This shot fits perfect right here. Where is the best place for the “client’s” social media, website link, and contact info?

20. Is it at least 400 words long, and are all the pics Pinterest pinnable? Will they look stunning on Instagram and fabulous on Facebook and Twitter? Publish! Everywhere!

21. Promote, promote, promote! Don’t forget to tag!

22. Cross promote! Remember to tag!

23. Circle back to the “client” and show ’em what you got! You know they’re gonna look to see all you did!

24. Get ready to do it again.

And guess what? Just show us what you’ve got, get us to your fun destination, vacation or stay-cation, serve us a few of your best, specialty or just to wet our whistles libations, send us your stuff to try, dress us in your favorite attires, slather us with your personal care products, or you tell us what and we’ll take it from there. Oh, and full disclosure is always mandatory for us. We wouldn’t have it any other way; it’s all about you and sending your honest message to your target audience. All of us feel if we have a part in your success, then we have excelled past our goals.