AFLBS Provides Powerful Support!

Culinary Industry Support

If It’s in It, Used for It, Or Creates It
We’ve Got You Covered!

It doesn’t matter what part of the food industry you specialize in; our vetted members have a large local reach they’re ready to share news about you with! Our support gets down and dirty when it comes to the target audience YOU WANT. Whether you have a restaurant, tools and equipment, a retail store, or have the latest and greatest new product or invention; we get the word out! And don’t worry, if you’re a Brand, private chef, wine and spirits distributor; or you’re organizing a small or large event; we show up, we experience, and we tell everybody!

Fashion Industry Support

If It’s Wearable, Stylish, Or Touches It
Then We Want to Wear It!

Want to reach those who love fashion? Then look no further! Our fashion guru members’ large reach will get the word out and the buzz going! It doesn’t matter the fashion industry you specialize in; our members reach your target audience! And, we know how to bring different industries together so you reach those you may not have thought of.

Travel Industry Support

If It’s About Going Places Or Used for Travel
Let’s Get Away Together!

Who doesn’t love to get away? The answer is everyone does! Vacations and stay-cations, business trips, day trips, and road trips; they’re all destinations to be enjoyed! Want to show people why they should go, arrive and stay? Put…


Health & Beauty Industry Support

If It’s About Health & Beauty
Let’s Look Good Doing It Together!

Do you know anyone who isn’t on the healthy track or looking to be? What about looking beautiful to do it? Of course not! But what about those men and women who don’t know they need your product or service to get on the road to the new healthy them? Then you have people who are in desperate need of some inside and out attention to beauty! We help you by reaching people craving a beautiful, healthy lifestyle and telling them about you, your products or services, and we tell them how they can reach you!


No Act Of Kindness…
No Matter How Small…
Is Ever Wasted

We know the time you spend cultivating your project, cause, and entrepreneurial ventures is important to you; and we believe volunteering to procure the same outcome and results demanded in a business should be the only way it’s done. We feel our time is the most generous part of our philanthropy to make a difference in the lives of others in need. If you have a need we can help to fill it.

The Kid’s Corner

And More Kids

Kids are the future and watching them grow is something we all enjoy. The saying is “it takes a neighborhood to raise a child”; and being a part of a kid’s adventures and discoveries, being able to help them along the way to find new and exciting skills is an important part of the Atlanta Food & Lifestyle Bloggers’ Society. We’ve added a Kid’s Corner for kid bloggers in the Greater Atlanta Area who are going strong, just starting out, and those who are interested in what our flourishing area offers. Our hope is to open up opportunities for kids and give them a guiding hand in finding their way to new things.