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…the shining pride of it all. We know how lucky we are to have our people. They’re professional, have high ethics, care about what their name rides on, and work so hard to bring their A Game. It’s as transparent as a glass of water how much they all love supporting the Greater Atlanta Area communities and industries. Some may think getting that dish in the right position and in that light’s perfect sweet spot — or capturing that shot at just the right moment or making that “money shot” pose, then digging deep to find just the right words to tell a story is silly; but we don’t care. When it’s us, a camera and a story between you and exposure our attitude is, we have an attitude and we don’t care. There’s a lot riding on it!


Linda Carmical
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V.P. Marketing & Branding
Chef Melissa P. Hass
The Front Porch Gourmet
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RSS The Front Porch Gourmet | Great Southern Recipes and a Little Humor Y’all!

  • Punch It Margaret!
    Originally posted on The Front Porch Gourmet: There is something very therapeutic about baking bread. When I’ve had a terrible day, there is…

V.P. Membership
Shana Lee
Shana Was Here
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RSS Shana Was Here | Food Cocktails Travel

  • Club Justice is Here! 
    * This post is sponsored by Justice. As always, all opinions are that of my own. For the past year my daughter has been a Justice Girl with Heart Ambassador. It’s been an absolute amazing experience for her and I can’t thank Justice enough for the opportunity. She loves it! I am happy to announce […]

V.P. Education
Tob Bloomberg
Diva Foodies
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RSS Diva Foodies | Serving Social

  • WoW = Whiskies of the World
    WoW ~ Whiskies & Cigars & Chocolates Oh My! It must be Whiskies of the World. I’ve been looking forward to the night Whiskies of the World would make it’s way back to Atlanta and on November 4th Director Douglas Smith opened the doors again. Proceeds from the event benefited the North Atlanta Rotary Foundation. Thank […]

Jennifer Harris
Gluten Free Go To Guide
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RSS Gluten Free Go To Guide | gluten-free ingredients + safe food handling = safe eating

  • Nosh on: Atlanta’s gluten-free news – November 17, 2017
    The Rink at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park is set to open on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23, 2017 for the 2017-2018 season. Located in the spacious Garden Tent at Park Tavern on the Atlanta BeltLine, skaters stay warm under a heated tent at a rink that is 85 feet long and 40 feet wide. Observers are treated to […]

Teresa Dothard
Red Velvet Confections
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RSS Red Velvet Confections | where life, photography & design meets cake!

  • Tiff’s Treats: Warm Cookies from their Oven to your Door {Review}
    The warm cookies & cookie companions described below were complimentary and much appreciated. The reality of the time of year we’re in hit me the other night as I got myself ready for bed. This month we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Day then next month, Christmas! Dear 2017, where did the time go? I’m sure that the […]

Kids’ Corner
Sage Price
Sage Loves To Eat
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RSS Sage Loves to Eat | “I am 9 years old and I love to eat!”

  • Brunch: Black Kite Coffee & Pies
    Chai Tea Latte Rosemary & Walnut Pancakes with Roasted Pumpkin, Pomegranate, Maple Rum Sauce, Citrus Cream Cheese.  Smoked Ghouda Scramble with Walnut Pesto, Wild Boar Chili, Green Onion. SAGE REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brunch was great today! My favorite was the pancakes with the citrus cream cheese! It was soooo good! The chili had wild boar in… […]

Nikka Shae
Oh! Nikka
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RSS Oh! Nikka | “…my hope is to inspire others to Live Their Dreams…in Style!!!”

Chef Nancy

Chef Nancy Waldeck
Taste and Savor
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RSS Taste and Savor | Learn and ENJOY with Healthy Chef Partyologist Nancy Waldeck


Brian Kavanagh
The Sophisticated Caveman
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RSS The Sophisticated Caveman | Paleo Date Night Cookbook – Easy and Elegant Meals to Impress the Special Cave-Dweller In Your Life

  • Lazy Sunday Paleo Pot Roast
    While I love the convenience of quick meals and timesaving devices like the InstantPot, I also like to slow things down when I have the chance and indulge in a more time consuming recipe. For me that usually occurs on Sunday, Fall Sundays in particular.  They […] The post Lazy Sunday Paleo Pot Roast appeared first […]

Gisela Carapaica
One Glam Day
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RSS One Glam Day | live colorfully… and follow for your daily dose of glam

  • hello
    it’s been a while. Weeks, months even, since I opened WordPress and let my thoughts flow down my fingertips and onto my keyboard. There’s so much has changed since I wrote my last post and so much that is still changing, that I’m having a hard time remembering where I left off and where I […]

Brittany Woodard
Britt’s Blurbs
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RSS Britt’s Blurbs | Search plant based recipes fresh from my kitchen to yours.

  • Lentil Mushroom Meatless Meatballs
    These lentil mushroom meatless meatballs are healthy, hearty, and packed with flavor.  *Updated 5/23/17 to make plant based. Omit the Parmesan topping to make it completely vegan. For a vegan Parmesan grind up walnuts and nutritional yeast until it becomes small clumps. Protein can come from so much more than just animals. A majority of plants, such as broccoli, […]

Randy Cooper
Atlanta Food Critic
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RSS Atlanta Food Critic | Restaurant reviews so good you can taste it!

  • City Winery Wins ‘Best Georgia Grown Wine’
    The ice wine-style Vin du Glacier also wins Best Dessert Wine at the prestigious 2017 Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge ATLANTA, GA – City Winery Atlanta is pleased to announce that its Vin du Glacier, Gone with the Vin, has been awarded ‘Best Georgia Grown Wine’ and ‘Best Dessert Wine’ at

Corey Mosier
The Plantiful Blonde
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RSS The Plantiful Blonde | “The Plantiful Life”

  • Plant Based Charcuterie Board
    I know it will be delicious but … Plant based what? Charcuterie? Exactly! Charcuterie is a word that I still pronounce incorrectly and have since the first time I heard my it. My younger sister was living in France during one of her college years. She lived with a family who owned and operated Butcher […]

Lesli Summer Schwartz
Asian Caucasian
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RSS Asian Caucasian | A culinary journey where east meets west

  • Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce
    Nuoc Cham dipping sauce is a staple at most Vietnamese tables. This sauce compliments so many Asian dishes and we've prepared our own version of this versatile sauce. This magic sauce goes great with seafood, but also with steak, spring rolls, Asian salads, you name it! Easy to prepare, you can whip this up in […]

Melanie Cooper
Atlanta Food Critic
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RSS Atlanta Food Critic | Restaurant reviews so good you can taste it!

  • City Winery Wins ‘Best Georgia Grown Wine’
    The ice wine-style Vin du Glacier also wins Best Dessert Wine at the prestigious 2017 Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge ATLANTA, GA – City Winery Atlanta is pleased to announce that its Vin du Glacier, Gone with the Vin, has been awarded ‘Best Georgia Grown Wine’ and ‘Best Dessert Wine’ at
ro n quill

Rochelle Wharton
Culinary Vegg Out
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RSS Culinary Vegg Out | “…eating healthy without compromising the great taste of food”

  • Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie
    Comfort food is a go to every once and a while, and would like to share this quick and easy recipe for a vegan vegetable pot pie……..  Enjoy!   Ingredients: 4 carrots peeled and cut 2 large potatoes peeled and cut into cubes one head of cauliflower cut into small florets one head of broccoli... […]
Jas Pic

Jasmine Jones
The Foodnistas
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RSS The Foodnistas | At the table with Jas

  • Southwestern Cuisine in your Backyard
    No weekend or weekday is complete without a visit to some of my favorite spots. I have my hidden gems, my favorite place for drinks and my favorite places depending on what cuisine I have a taste for. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to my new favorite hidden gem Agave by Managing […]

Chef Cassandra Mason
The Chef In Pearls
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RSS The Chef In Pearls | …where food and fashion meet

  • Lost File . . . Weapons of Mass Success
    I guess it’s a little late for Happy New Year wishes. However, I have never been one to really follow anyone’s rules so . . . Happy New Year from the Chef In Pearls!!! I hope 2017 brings you everything your heart desires and more. It took me this long to write something because I was […]

Stacey Taylor
The Sistah Cafe
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RSS The Sistah Cafe | Natural Hair. Atlanta. Life

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should STOP Having Sex With Men Who Don’t VALUE You!
    Attention:  Ladies, Sistahs, SistahFriends and Women in General.  Let’s talk about “Casual Sex” for a minute.  After listening to several conversations had by my female relatives and friends, I felt the need to create this list.  I hate seeing intelligent and worthy women selling themselves short to be with a man who only wants them […]

President Emeritus
Jason Apple
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